National Board Issues

If you're currently working in a professional program, if your end goal is a certificate or degree in the field of your choice, then you're likely working towards a high-stakes board or exam in order to enter your profession.

You may be used to this. You might have taken the GRE, LSAT, MCAT or a similar qualifying exam to begin your training in the first place. Now, as your national boards come into focus before you, you're preparing. You're taking practice tests, you're studying, and you're crossing your fingers that this one exam doesn't come between you and your chosen career.

Unfortunately, a test score might not be the only thing that stands in your way.

The various professional fields that make up the modern workforce have extremely high expectations of their practitioners. In order to be any type of trusted working professional in today's society, your record needs to show that you're an upstanding individual. If your record shows otherwise, if you have any evidence of misconduct sitting in your file, then your future might be much harder than it needs to be. More than that, the committee proctoring your field's entrance exams or boards might look askance at your past misconduct. You might not have the opportunity to sit your boards—which would necessarily impact your entire career before it even begins.

At the Lento Law Firm, we're not ready to let all of the investments you've poured into your future go to waste. As you prepare for your exams, you need to make sure that your record and reputation are completely clear of any misconduct. We can help with that. Allow us to help you protect your name so that your future is as bright as it can be.

The Boards Students Sit Before Embarking on a Professional Future

No matter what type of profession you're currently pursuing, there's likely a board examination that's been looming in your future for years. There are a wide variety of board examinations that serve as gateways for practicing successfully or obtaining licensure for professional candidates.

Each of these examinations has a committee, stringent qualifying criteria, and rules that test-takers or candidates must follow to receive their results. The committees that govern these board examinations can look into your past to determine your fitness to take these boards. If you have misconduct on your record, you need to take care of it before you apply to take these life-changing exams.

Misconduct that Might Impact Your Ability to Take Your Boards

The criteria for each professional board committee is slightly different. As you prepare to sit your exam, it's a good idea to reference the requirements for your specific board to see what types of past misconduct your board's committee might screen for.

However, there are some types of misconduct that could be a red flag to any field's committee. These actions may include:

As the types of misconduct that might disqualify a student from sitting their boards are varied, it's important to work with a legal advisor that has experience with a wide variety of cases. Your attorney-advisor will be able to anticipate a committee's reaction to specific types of misconduct and build the best possible case to clear your name.

Testing Irregularities and Board-Specific Misconduct

When you sit your Board examination, you will have to exhibit exemplary behavior while taking the test itself. The governing bodies behind your board examination likely have lists of regulations for test-taking behaviors. If you break any of these rules or display any irregularity during your test-taking experience, you may risk dismissal from the testing space, or even invalidation of your Board results.

This could have necessary adverse consequences for your professional future.

Examples of Board-specific misconduct could include accessing prohibited resources during the examination, falsely misrepresenting your identity during registration, causing disturbances in the testing hall, or even tampering with the device on which you are taking your Board examination.

If you face accusations for Board-specific irregularities or misconduct, it's critical to take action as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you may find that your hard-won exam results could disappear - and you may even face ramifications in your academic program.

Ultimately, both Board-related misconduct and any misconduct that you might have on your record at your school could end up throwing a wrench in your professional plans.

At the Lento Law Firm, we can help with both processes. If you're stuck, we can help.

Your School's Disciplinary Due Process: How an Attorney-Advisor Can Help You

Your school's disciplinary process will depend on your school's specific policies. You should be able to find documentation of the due process that may await you in your school's code of conduct or your student handbook.

If you stand accused of any type of misconduct, it's likely that an investigation, some type of hearing, and a disciplinary decision from your school lie in your future. You need to make sure that the school's forthcoming decision doesn't impact your ability to sit your upcoming boards.

Your attorney-advisor can help you craft statements strategically, defend yourself in a hearing, meet deadlines, and draft documents. They can coach you to present yourself in the best possible way, they can negotiate with your school, and help you appeal if that is your best course of action.

In other words, hiring an attorney-advisor is a complete game-changer. If you're worried that your past may unduly affect your future, hire a smart attorney to make sure you have everything you've worked to accomplish.

Joseph D. Lento, a Skilled Student Defense Advisor, is Here to Protect Your Academic and Professional Reputation

When you're preparing to sit your boards, it's easy to feel like your entire future rests on the outcome of one exam.

In a way, you're right. That's true. However, your successful future depends on more than the score you achieve. Your reputation will speak to your ability to get future jobs, and may even affect your ability to take your boards. You need to make sure that nothing comes between you and the future you've worked so hard for.

With your prospective career riding on the line, it's time to clear your name of anything that might distract you or others from your ability for academic excellence.

Joseph D. Lento is an empathetic, experienced attorney-advisor who has aggressively represented thousands of students nationwide against charges of many types of misconduct. If you're scared that your past might stand to disrupt your future, it's time to reach out—today. You don't need to let a past incident create life-long challenges for you. Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm will assess your situation, guide you through your school's due process, and help you work to protect your reputation and your future.

Call the Lento Law Firm at 888-535-3686 for a consultation to help you plan your next steps.

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