Health Information Management Student Issues

The Health Information Management Field

Health information management is an important emerging field, ripe with opportunities for students pursuing a degree in that field. Health information managers advise organizations on computerized healthcare systems, entering, coding, and analyzing healthcare data for clinical, billing, and other institutional purposes. The healthcare field and its delivery systems daily grow ever more computerized, requiring ever greater organization, storage, transmission, analysis, and other use of electronic records. Prominent health career websites thus tout health information management as a burgeoning field with stable hours and conducive office working conditions. Bureau of Labor Statistics supports those rosy views for the health information management field, projecting an astounding 17% growth rate in jobs within that field in the next ten years. You doubtless did well when choosing health information management as your major field of study. Value what you chose, even if you now face misconduct charges or issues involving failure to progress, unprofessionalism, or certification.

Health Information Management Education Issues

The Bureau of Labor Statistics and other job and career sites report that to pursue a rewarding career in health information management; you will most likely need at least an associate's degree and perhaps a bachelor's degree from