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Nobel Prize winners, former Surgeon Generals of the United States Army and Air Force, and the co-founder of the American Medical Association: These are just a few of the alumni, faculty, and researchers that have walked the halls at Albany Medical College. Over its almost two centuries of history, Albany Medical College has attracted the very best minds in the medical field.

It's also gathered a reputation for strict adherence to excellence. For a young medical student, this can be daunting.

The medical field is a rigorous one. It holds all of its members, from doctors to medical students, to a very high standard. Medical schools, too, including the Albany School of Medicine, often feel like they must uphold pristine standards of excellence. If a medical student does not meet a school's expectations of professionalism and conduct, they may find themselves facing disciplinary action. Such action could impact a young student's entire future career.

The best strategy for a student facing dismissal or discipline is to hire an experienced attorney. A legal expert can help a medical student protect their reputation and ensure their future.

Honor Codes and Professionalism at Albany Medical College

“As students of medicine and the medical sciences, we assume the responsibility of our own actions and we further recognize that we are bound to serve ourselves, our peers, and ultimately the patients with whom we are directly or indirectly concerned in the spirit of honesty.” Thus reads the first article of the Student Honor Code at Albany Medical College. The school prides itself on forming its students to be trustworthy pillars of the medical community not only after graduation but from the very first day of matriculation.

Therefore, any action on the part of a student that is unprofessional or dishonest will make that student eligible for disciplinary action - including probation and (in severe or repeated scenarios) dismissal.

Some examples of punishable behavior include:

  • Any attempt to communicate unauthorized information during an exam
  • Intentionally misrepresenting or falsifying a patient's clinical record
  • Any disrespectful behavior towards peers, patients, or faculty
  • Any instances of plagiarism
  • Gross negligence or incompetence while performing clinical activities
  • Issuing false statements to College committees
  • Failure to report another student violating the Honor Code

Remediation Practices at Albany Medical College

In order to establish and maintain the public trust necessary to build a doctor-patient relationship, medical students need to live up to very high academic and professional standards. Even for the most hard-working of students, this can be very difficult at times.

If a student's grades slip or if their behavior becomes questionable, Albany Medical College's first response will involve remediation to help a student get back on track. The type of remediation recommended will depend upon the nature of a student's issue or offense, but could involve retaking a course, working with a professional mentor, or serving probation.

Unfortunately, remediation does not come without negative effects for the student. Not only does it act as an additional stressor, it can create additional costs, especially if a student needs to retake a class. If a student does not feel that remediation is necessary or that the recommendations Albany Medical College has made are unfair or disproportionate to the stated rationale, a student can file an appeal.

Your attorney can help you determine whether you have the basis for an appeal. It's also important to remember that remediation can actually help you save your academic record and career. Taking carefully-reasoned steps with caution will be necessary to avoid making your situation worse.

Dismissal at Albany Medical College

In severe or repeated situations of unprofessionalism or misconduct, Albany Medical College may recommend permanent dismissal from their programs for the student in question.

Even if this doesn't sound like a punitive measure that will have long-term repercussions, it's important to realize how devastating a dismissal can be for a medical student's entire career. For example, a medical student who has experienced dismissal may also face the following complications:

  • Difficulties re-enrolling at another medical school: Medical school admissions are very competitive, and the fact that a student has already been asked to leave one medical school will not impress another.
  • Dismissals generally erase the associated academic credit. The coursework that a dismissed student has completed likely will not transfer to another school; so, even if a student is able to matriculate into another program, they will have to begin again. This can cost a lot of money - and waste a lot of time.

When facing dismissal, it is crucial that a medical student work as hard as possible to avoid this fate. Teaming up with a seasoned attorney can be the best thing a medical student does to restore their bright future.

Attorney for Medical School Disciplinary Proceedings

Medical schools in modernity are incredibly competitive institutions. In order to keep their academic and professional reputations immaculate, most medical schools - including Albany School of Medicine - exert considerable pressure on their students to exhibit integrity and professionalism at all times.

When students veer from a medical school's high standards, a school can rush through an investigation, disregard its own due process, and deal out disproportionate punishment in order to get through the adjudication process quickly. While this may go some way to preserve the medical school's reputation, it is unfair for any student to be caught up in an overly-hasty disciplinary process. Dismissal or other harsh discipline from a medical school could ruin a medical student's future before it has even begun.

If you or a loved one is a medical student facing this situation, you need to take prompt action. Working with a seasoned student discipline defense attorney for representation and experienced advice can make all the difference. With a legal advisor, you can hold the Albany School of Medicine accountable to their process - and your rights.

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