Student Defense: Western State College of Law at Westcliff University

Western State College of Law (WSC Law) is a private, for-profit law school established in Orange County in 1966. WSC Law offers students flexibility with its full-time and part-time programs and certificates in immigration law, real estate, and family law. WSC Law is one of the nation's most diverse law schools, a title that earned it awards by both the US News & World Report and National Jurist's Best Law School list.  

Students who attend WSC Law must demonstrate high ethical principles befitting their future professions as attorneys. Although mistakes happen – as do lapses in judgment – some violations are more severe than others. These infarctions can lead to sanctions that include suspension and expulsion regardless of the student's progress. Without the help of an attorney-advisor, students face graduation delays and risk losing their time, effort, and money after a hearing.  

Violating the Student Code 

According to WSC Law's Student Handbook, academic misconduct is a form of prohibited conduct that falls under the jurisdiction of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Honor Code Committee. While not an exhaustive list, actions listed as violations include: 

  • Preventing the completion of an assignment by a student or administrator 
  • Retaining copies of examinations and distributing them to students 
  • Continuing with an exam after the time ends 
  • Exchanging information about test questions with other students unles