How do I appeal a Title IX case in Utah?

To best understand how to appeal a Title IX case in Utah, it's good to have a brief understanding of what Title IX is. Title IX is a federal civil rights law which is intended in part to address and prevent campus sexual misconduct. Campus sexual misconduct can encompass various forms, be it sexual harassment, sexual violence, sexual assault. If a party is accused, they're known as the respondent. If a party is the accuser, they're known as the complainant. If an appeal right is provided to one party, it's provided to both.

An accused party, if responsible and sanctioned, they may seek to argue that there was a procedural defect or error which led to an unfavorable outcome or a failing on the school's part, a disproportionate sanction to the finding new evidence. This particular school's available grounds for appeal would have to be considered, but because of what's involved and what's at stake with a Title IX case, it's critical to have the help of an experienced attorney advisor when appealing a finding and/or sanction.