What are the consequences of retaliation under Title IX?

Retaliation and the prospect of retaliation is a common theme in Title IX cases. If, for an example, an accused student is alleged to have retaliated against the accuser, the accused student could face additional consequences. Yet, retaliation itself is a gray area. If what a accused student is doing in terms of vigorously and aggressively defending against the allegations, can that be misinterpreted by the school as retaliation? Can seeking a restraining order against the accuser or filing a Title IX complaint against the accuser, him or herself be considered retaliation? Can a defamation suit be considered retaliation? It is a gray area. An experienced attorney advisor can help an accused student understand what can possibly be considered retaliation and also the potential consequences, and they should be involved from the start of the process to help achieve the potential for the most favorable outcome.