College Dismissal Advisor – Montana

When students enroll in colleges and universities seeking a four-year degree, they will be challenged by demanding academic course loads, transitioning into adult life, and an uncompromising disciplinary process if they violate their school's code of conduct. Students do not plan on committing misconduct while focusing on their studies, but mistakes can happen. Conscientious students can be suspended or expelled from school and feel like there is no option to defend themselves properly. 

The grievance process is intimidating. Although students and their parents often wait until a separation from studies begins to hire professional assistance, it does not mean they have crossed the final threshold. You can obtain prompt, comprehensive, negotiated relief that gets you back in the classroom. If you or someone you love faces suspension or expulsion at a Montana college or university, contact college dismissal advisor Joseph D. Lento immediately to preserve your educational and professional future. 

Appealing Disciplinary Sanctions 

When disciplinary boards hand down punishments like suspension or expulsion over academic misconduct or other code of conduct violations, the student can appeal the decision. As part of the grievance process in Montana colleges and universities, students will receive notice