Academic Misconduct at Troy University

Troy University puts academic honesty above all else. As such, they adjudicate incidents of academic misconduct to the letter of their regulations. Meaning, it is very important to defend yourself efficiently. Unfortunately, your university's priority is to protect its own reputation, and sometimes, accused students fall through the cracks. Students who fail to defend themselves sufficiently run the risk of incurring long-lasting consequences that could follow them long past their time in college.

Attorneys like Attorney Joseph D. Lento and the expert team at the Lento Law Firm, have spent years helping students who have found themselves going through something similar. They understand how to fully prepare for the grievance process. They can quell any fears or anxieties you might have while. Call the Lento Law Firm today.

Academic Misconduct at Troy University

The definition of academic dishonesty varies depending on your university, but for most schools in the United States, it is defined as acts or behaviors that give one student an unfair advantage over another student on an assignment, exam, or other pieces of academic work.

All students are given a code of conduct when they start the new school year at Troy University. This code of conduct outlines exactly what is expected of the student and gives specific details of what constitutes academic dishonesty:

  • Cheating: intentionally using, or trying to use, unsanctioned materials on an exam, paper, or other academic exercises
  • Multiple submissions: submitting all or portions of the same work for different courses without permission