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As a college employee, you may never have considered that a single accusation of misconduct could put your career and personal reputation in jeopardy. Yet, because universities throughout Kansas are legally obligated to take all Title IX claims seriously, one baseless report could trigger your personal downfall.

We aren't being dramatic. As an experienced Title IX advisor representing college employees coast to coast, Joseph D. Lento has witnessed—and worked hard to prevent—innocent people cut down by Title IX disciplinary proceedings. The Lento Law Firm will lead your defense, seeking to preserve your job, reputation, and quality of life in the process.

Title IX in Kansas Colleges and Universities

Title IX has a role at colleges throughout the nation, including Kansas. Formally known as Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 20 U.S.C. §1681 et seq., Title IX generally refers to rules and protocols related to sex- and gender-based discrimination. Over the years, Title IX has expanded to cover various sexual offenses.

Employees at any publicly-funded college or university in Kansas should anticipate facing the Title IX disciplinary process if they're accused of:

  • Sex- or gender-based discrimination (whether in hiring, admissions, issuance of financial aid, course selection, grading, or other respects)
  • Selective enforcement of rules based on a person's sex, identity, or gender
  • Sexual harassment
  • Rape, unwanted touching, or other offenses that are sexual in nature
  • Any other offense within the scope of Title IX statutes

College employees may be the subject of a complaint from a student, faculty member, or another party associated with the university. Regardless of whose complaint has prompted a Title IX investigation, do not delay your defense.

The Title IX disciplinary process may develop more quickly than you anticipate. Retain a Title IX advisor serving college employees in Kansas as soon as you can.

What Do You Stand to Lose as a College Employee Facing a Title IX Allegation?

If you've been accused of a Title IX misconduct charge in Kansas, you have to be realistic about what is at stake. Sanctions you receive through the Title IX process could:

  • Lead to your termination
  • Taint future job interviews, especially if your Title IX sanctions make it to the public record (they should remain private, but this is hardly guaranteed in today's social landscape)
  • Significantly diminish your professional opportunities and cap your earning potential
  • Cause you psychological, emotional distress, which could lead to destructive behavior
  • Stain your reputation in both personal and professional circles

These are not consequences to take lightly. As you weigh the gravity of formal Title IX sanctions, also consider how valuable a Title IX advisor could be—especially if they're able to resolve the predicament that you find yourself in.

Have a Title IX Advisor Guide You Through the Disciplinary Process in Kansas

You should expect your college in Kansas to conduct a thorough investigation into the allegations against you. After all, bureaucratic bodies like the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) “vigorously” monitor the manner in which universities apply Title IX and threaten to “enforce” the law when necessary.

Your employer may be most concerned with protecting itself, so you can assume that you'll face every step in the Title IX disciplinary process. This process generally includes:

  • The filing of a complaint against you with your university's Title IX Coordinator
  • A determination by the Title IX Coordinator of whether to proceed to the investigative stage
  • If the Title IX complaint moves forward, an investigation into the complaint, which may involve interviews, collection of evidence, and issuance of a report of findings
  • A hearing, which either you or your accuser can request, and may involve presentation of evidence, questioning of witnesses, and oversight by a hearing panel
  • A ruling by the hearing panel, which may result in either the dismissal of your case or a finding of your responsibility
  • If you're found responsible for the allegation against you, a Title IX appeal

A Title IX advisor may advise you throughout this process. The advisor's presence may be especially beneficial during the investigation and hearing when your words and actions may be used against you. The hearing may present the chance for your advisor to critique questionable evidence, question witnesses, and make a wholehearted defense of your character.

The Title IX disciplinary process is fraught with tricky circumstances, and those leading your investigation and hearing do not represent you. There is absolutely no reason to endure this potentially life-altering gauntlet without an advisor to protect and advocate for you.

Why You Need an Advisor for a Title IX Case in Kansas

If you're facing a Title IX investigation, make no mistake: The odds are stacked against you. Depending on the political climate at the time of your case, you may face a comparatively low standard for determining your guilt.

In some cases, college employees accused of Title IX misconduct have been terminated based only on the preponderance of evidence. In others, the university had to have clear and convincing evidence of someone's responsibility to take punitive action under Title IX. Again, the standard of guilt used in your case may depend on when your hearing occurs. As a general rule, you want a defense effective enough to meet even the lowest standards of culpability.

You always have rights. We will ensure that your employer honors those rights, and we'll take all necessary legal action if your rights are violated.

Hire the Lento Law Firm Today for Your Title IX Defense in Kansas

The Lento Law Firm has a reputation for defending college employees who are against the ropes. We'll fight for you, too.

Your employer may act in good faith, in which case we may resolve your case without much stress. However, our team remains prepared for any challenges that lie ahead, and we have one goal: To protect your reputation and absolve you of all pending Title IX allegations.

We understand the protections that Title IX provides the accused. Continue to focus on your daily responsibilities, we'll lead the case to clear your name. Call the Lento Law Firm today at 888-535-3686 to discuss your case or submit your case details online.

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