New Hampshire Title IX Appeal Advisor

Among the federal civil rights statutes is Title IX, which protects the rights of people of different genders, gender identities, and sexual orientations to go to college or university. While this might seem like something that cannot have a dark side, though, Title IX can be a problem for students who have been accused of sexual misconduct, like sexual assault or sexual harassment, because Title IX requires schools to take strict action in these cases and this can amount to them feeling pressure to convict a student of wrongdoing.

Unfortunately, this can happen in nearly every school in New Hampshire because Title IX applies to any college or university in the U.S. that accepts federal funding, including through student loan programs. Together with the pressure that Title IX puts on schools to find a student in violation of the statute's prohibition of sexual misconduct, this broad reach makes the right to appeal an adverse outcome critical.

Your Right to Appeal a Title IX Case in New Hampshire 

Students in New Hampshire who have been found in violation of Title IX's sexual misconduct provisions can challenge the determination or the sanction, or both at the same time, by appealing their case.

Having and using this right to appeal is critical because Title IX allegations are so serious that the hearing processes that New Hampshire schools use are woefully ill-suited to determine them.

Possible Grounds for a Title IX Appeal

Unfortunately, the right to appeal the outcome of a Title IX case in New Hampshire is not absolute—it can only be done if the appeal falls into one of the following possible basis for an appeal: