Defending Students: Logan University

Logan University is a private special focus university located in Chesterfield, Missouri. Formerly Logan College of Chiropractic until 2013, the institution's name changed after adding additional programs. Today, the institution provides college education in chiropractic and the health sciences. The chiropractic program accentuates the effectiveness of evidence-based, patient-centered natural care to promote health and well-being without pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures. Logan university's mission is to train the next generation of natural healthcare leaders who will carry on the institution's legacy.

As a chiropractic student at Logan University, you will have many opportunities to gain valuable experience in a supportive environment. However, it is essential to remember that mistakes are a normal part of learning, and your professors understand this. While not all errors have the same consequences, the repercussions for some mistakes can range from a discussion with a professor to dismissal from the program. If you face professionalism, behavioral, or academic progression issues, it is crucial to have the support of an attorney-advisor. An attorney-advisor understands the gravity of the situation and can help you navigate any challenges that may arise.

Code of Conduct and Professionalism

As a chiropractic student at Logan University, you must uphold the values of respect, dignity, and support. These values include protecting the rights of your peers, faculty, and staff and maintaining the professional oaths and code of conduct policies outlined by the university. As a student, it is your responsibility to stay informed about the policies, procedures, practices, and requirements of the university and its guidelines to succeed academically and professionally. The personal and professional requirements listed in the