UT Southwestern Medical

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UT Southwestern Medical) is a premier academic research institution located in Dallas. All students are required to exhibit personal and professional development based on the standards that are indicative of the medical profession such as integrity, patience, compassion, and reliability. The administration has compiled the requirements and expectations in the Medical Student Code of Professional Conduct.

Students pursuing a career in medicine are navigating a long journey. They are expected to achieve excellence in the classroom, in clinical settings, and beyond. Students that struggle to satisfy academic standards may be subject to remediation and those who breach the standards of professionalism may face disciplinary action.

Medical school students can ill afford to face sanctions such as suspension or dismissal. Having negative information on their disciplinary record creates a host of potential challenges that are likely to impede admission to another medical school, fewer residency options, and difficulty in seeking employment. It is essential to retain an experienced attorney to serve in an advisory role to protect your rights and work to achieve a favorable solution.


The administration at UT Southwestern Medical shares the beliefs of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) toward professionalism in the practice of medicine. This