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College should be a rewarding experience. Students expect to work hard, make progress, and achieve results that can help them secure the career they want. However, schools can discipline, suspend, or even dismiss students if they believe there's been a violation of the school codes or there's a lack of sufficient academic progress.

If you're facing school disciplinary action, you're probably worried about what the future holds, and you may be concerned about completing your studies. Joseph Lento understands your concerns, and he wants to help you complete your education and get back on track. Although you should contact him to discuss your case immediately, here's an overview of how he can help you, even if you've already lost an appeal against suspension or dismissal.

Academic Progress Dismissal in Georgia

If any school in Georgia accepts students receiving a federal loan, then they're legally obligated to monitor academic progress and, in certain circumstances, sanction students who don't meet certain standards. In extreme cases, a college could even dismiss a student for failing to make “satisfactory academic progress” (SAP).

Every school determines SAP in its own way, so here are some examples of what constitutes a failure to make satisfactory academic progress in Georgia.

  • University of Georgia: All undergraduate students must complete at least 67% of their attempted hours, or they risk losing financial aid and, potentially, their place on a program.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology: A student must maintain a certain cumulative GPA which varies depending on their year of study. Students who are not in “good” academic standing are at risk for dismissal.

Although schools have clear rules for determining what constitutes satisfactory academic progress, they don't always apply these rules properly. For example, they might fail to consider grades that should be considered. Or they might overlook mitigating circumstances such as illness or bereavement.

In any case, it might be possible for you as a student to appeal your SAP dismissal. You can find the process for doing so in your school handbook; however, it's always best to consult an attorney-advisor for more guidance before challenging a dismissal yourself. Attorney-advisor Joseph Lento can ensure the school fully upholds your best interests, and he'll help you challenge any unfair or disproportionate academic dismissal. For more information on how he can help you fight SAP dismissal, contact the Lento Law Firm on 888.535.3686 today and take back control of your academic future.

Georgia College Misconduct Discipline or Dismissal

Universities and colleges across Georgia must have processes in place which set out how they'll deal with student misconduct allegations. Schools must have these rules to satisfy federal and state laws, limit their liability for campus incidents, and keep students as safe as possible.

Normally, students can find these rules in the student handbook or code of conduct. For example, the Georgia Institute of Technology sets out disciplinary rules in its Student Code of Conduct, and Emory University has an Undergraduate Code of Conduct alongside various other disciplinary resources.

Every school will handle student misconduct slightly differently, but they can usually all sanction students for various rule breaches such as plagiarism and academic dishonesty. However, there's sometimes a discrepancy in how schools apply their own academic misconduct and disciplinary rules.

For example, they might simply fail to apply the rules accurately, or they could even act on false or exaggerated information without properly verifying its authenticity. Such errors can severely impact a student's academic and career prospects, so you must seek help immediately if you're facing any kind of school disciplinary action in Georgia. Contact the Lento Law Firm now for assistance from an experienced attorney-advisor.

Consequences of a Dismissal or Discipline

If you're dealing with a college discipline or SAP dismissal, you might be feeling anxious, confused, and concerned about what your future holds. These feelings are completely natural; after all, there are many short and long-term implications for students following a school dismissal or discipline.

The short-term consequences of disciplinary action include:

  • Stress and worry
  • Financial difficulties
  • Loss of contact with peers

There's no doubt that these short-term consequences can be significant. However, we must also consider how severe some of the long-term consequences can be.

  • Any sanction on a student's academic record can make it harder for them to secure scholarships or awards, even if their record is otherwise exemplary
  • A suspension or dismissal could mean it's more challenging for the student to graduate or find a place in another program
  • The student may lose their chance to pursue the career they want if they can't complete their degree

If you're dealing with a school discipline or SAP dismissal in Georgia, you need an experienced attorney-advisor in your corner to help you make your case and explore the options available. There's a huge amount at stake, and you shouldn't leave anything to chance. Joseph Lento is waiting to assist you, so reach out for help today.

How to Appeal a School Discipline or SAP Dismissal

If a college or university dismisses or suspends a student, they can usually appeal the decision. It may be possible to appeal other sanctions, too, depending on the institution.

The first step to appealing any SAP dismissal or school discipline is to check the appeals process for the school in question. You can usually find the rules in a core document such as the Student Code of Conduct; however, attorney-advisor Joseph Lento can explain how the process works and represent you throughout the proceedings. So, if you haven't appealed a decision yet, don't try to handle the school on your own. Instead, call the Lento Law Firm now on 888.535.3686 to retain attorney-advisor Joseph Lento's services.

Exploring Other Avenues for Relief

Even if you've already challenged a decision or lost your appeal, don't assume this is the end of the road. There are two other options that may be open to you: negotiating an alternative solution or filing a lawsuit.

Negotiating Acceptable Relief

In most cases, students who challenge college discipline or dismissal do so because they want to resume their education and pursue their career goals. With this in mind, Joseph Lento is committed to opening the lines of communication between a student and their college. He aims to ensure that students can return to college or university as quickly as possible so they can focus on completing the degree they've worked so hard for.

Joseph Lento has represented hundreds of college students facing serious disciplinary sanctions, including suspension and SAP dismissal. Over time, he has built working relationships with attorneys around the country, including lawyers who serve in school Offices of General Counsels (OGCs). These relationships, built on trust and mutual respect, allow Joseph Lento to navigate the school discipline system and understand its complexities so he can best represent student interests.

Joseph Lento has significant student discipline defense experience, which sets him apart from other attorney-advisors. He will work tirelessly to negotiate on your behalf – tell him about your case, so you're not facing these disciplinary sanctions alone.

Filing a Lawsuit

At the Lento Law Firm, we don't believe in filing lawsuits against colleges or universities until we've explored other options first. Often, students benefit from a less combative and confrontational approach, and Joseph Lento has the necessary experience to negotiate a fair solution between students and their college or university.

However, there are circumstances when a lawsuit is the best way to deal with a disciplinary sanction. In these instances, Joseph Lento will fully explain the process and fight your corner every step of the way.

Retain a National Academic Attorney-Advisor Today

College academic sanctions can affect even the brightest and most dedicated student's future. In the worst-case scenario, college sanctions can prohibit a student from continuing their education and pursuing the career they've worked so hard for.

At the Lento Law Firm, we believe every student should be treated fairly by their college or university. If you want to return to school and resume your studies, Joseph Lento wants to help you succeed. After helping hundreds of students in similar situations, Joseph Lento has the expertise and knowledge to navigate the school justice system and find an equitable solution that satisfies both the school and the student. He will ensure the school applies its own disciplinary rules fairly, and he'll stand alongside you throughout the process.

If you're facing college dismissal or disciplinary action, don't give up hope. Attorney-advisor Joseph Lento is waiting to help you get your future back on track. Given his OGC connections and successful track record of helping students challenge disciplinary sanctions, there are few attorney-advisors who can offer you the same services. Contact the Lento Law Firm on 888.535.3686 or tell us about your case online to retain Joseph Lento now.

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