Facing Dismissal From Duke University

If you're a Duke Blue Devil, you have plenty of reason to be proud. Leaving aside your school's prowess on the basketball court, you're attending one of the most prestigious institutions of higher education in the country. A degree from Duke virtually guarantees you a bright future.

Of course, the other side of that equation is that dismissal from a school like Duke can be an absolutely crushing blow. It isn't just about the interruption in your academic career. Even if you can find another school to accept you, you can be sure it won't be on the same level as Duke. And if you can't get in anywhere else? Those student loans are going to start coming due, and without a college degree, you may have some trouble making the monthly payments.

There are a number of reasons why you might be dismissed from Duke University. We'll get into some of them below. Whatever the reason, though, your best chance of defending yourself and salvaging your future is to have the right kind of help on your side. National Student Defense attorney-advisor Joseph D. Lento has the knowledge and experience to help you navigate whatever problem you may be facing.

Reasons for Dismissal

You know how hard it was getting into Duke. Holding on to your place there over four to five years can be every bit as tough. You have to worry about

  • Academic Performance: Your first concern as a student must be your academic performance. In your first semester at Duke, you must pass at least two credits of coursework. Thereafter, you must pass at least three credits of coursework every semester. In addition, individual colleges have their own academic standards. At