UC San Diego School of Medicine

The University of California San Diego School of Medicine is the third medical school established at UC; it is currently the only medical school in San Diego. It enjoys an affiliation with the UC San Diego Health network.

The UC San Diego School of Medicine M.D. program is one of the most difficult to gain admission to in the country; for example, of almost 7500 applicants for its Fall 2015 class, only 253 won acceptance. This low acceptance rate may relate to the high ranking of the school; in the U.S. News and World Report, the UC San Diego School of Medicine ranked 21st for research and 26th in primary care.

These high rankings translate to high standards.

More so than many other fields, medical students require immaculate reputations and academic records in order to proceed with their chosen career. If they have faced disciplinary action, their academic records may not pristine; worse; if a medical student faces dismissal, it may be difficult for a medical student to finish their education at all.

Any medical student that stands accused of professionalism concerns or is facing the disciplinary process at the UC San Diego School of Medicine must reach out to an attorney-advisor. Doing so is the best way possible to protect their rights and their future.

The Professionalism Standards at UC San Diego School of Medicine

The UC San Diego School of Medicine prides itself on forming medical students into doctors who have empathetic, effective bedside manners and are capable of compassionate care. To that end, the School of Medicine places a particular priority on professionalism. Acting unprofessionally will result in probation for a medical student.

The Professional Development Center at the UC San Diego School of Medicine has resources to help students build professional competence and professional habits. Among the values that the School of Medicine emphasizes are:

  • Patient Welfare - the idea that patient interest must guide a doctor's actions
  • Patient Autonomy - the idea that medical students and doctors need to educate patients to make beneficial medical decisions
  • Social Justice - the idea that a physician needs to consider all available resources (and all patients) when caring for each patient

Even as medical schools, including UC San Diego School of Medicine, assess their students based on their academic progress, they also assess a student's professionalism. A student found wanting may find themselves facing disciplinary action or dismissal.

Dismissals, Remediation, and Discipline

The Student Conduct Code at the University of California, San Diego applies to all behavior at the School of Medicine. If a medical student exhibits consistently unprofessional behavior or has grades below accepted academic standards, the School of Medicine may decide to place that student on probation.

As a result, the medical student may receive options for remediation. Remediation refers to the process by which a student works to get back on track after a time spent below standards. Activities included in the remediation process could be retaking courses or working with a professional mentor or therapist. Once the student has worked through remediation, the school will consider releasing them from probation. Alternatively, if the remediation does not help a student, they may face dismissal.

The UC San Diego School of Medicine has a reputation to protect. When a medical student fails to meet its standards, the school may rush through remediation or adjudication to avoid association with a student that may not represent its ideals. Any unfair treatment or lack of commitment to due process could result in the cancellation of a medical student's future before it starts, as a dismissal or severe disciplinary action could make it difficult for a medical student to finish their education at all.

If you or a loved one is in this type of situation, you do have a few options. The first of these is an appeal of any adjudicative decision the UC San Diego School of Medicine may have made.

Appeals: What You Need to Know

The window for an appeal at the UC San Diego School of Medicine is small. The UC San Diego Academic Senate Office handles appeals. When a medical student considers appealing a disciplinary decision, the student handbook recommends that they ensure their appeal is based upon licit grounds, which may include:

  • That the findings of the investigation into the medical student's unprofessionalism or culpability did not support the recommendations for discipline
  • That the school did not follow its own guidelines regarding due process
  • That the student has learned new information that could influence the school's interpretation of events

If you are a student who is unsatisfied with the UC San Diego School of Medicine's recommendations for your dismissal or discipline, you can file an appeal within a short window after the school has completed adjudication.

The decision at the end of the appeals process, whether it is an update or not, is final. It's a good idea for medical students to work with an experienced advisor to make the most of each step they pursue.

Experienced Attorney-Advisor for Medical Students

Any student that faces disciplinary action for professionalism concerns or poor performance can expect unfortunate and potentially lifelong consequences. As a result of dismissal from their school of medicine, their entire future medical career may be in danger.

Medical schools, including the UC San Diego School of Medicine, need to maintain high standards in order to be competitive. This pressure can result in mistreatment of students undergoing the disciplinary process; for example, with sloppy investigations and hasty decisions. A school may not even follow its own due process polices and procedures.

If you or your student faces disciplinary action at the UC San Diego School of Medicine, you need experience and expertise on your side. By ensuring that an attorney-advisor is present to represent and advise your student, you can help hold the medical school accountable to fairness. You can work to protect your student's reputation, academic career, and future.

If your medical student career or record is at risk, call attorney Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm at (888) 535-3686 today to discuss your options.