Defense for Title IX Investigations in South Carolina

Federal law Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender within federally funded higher education institutions. Sexual misconduct is technically regarded as gender discrimination. Therefore, any actions committed that constitute sexual misconduct is legally considered a violation of Title IX. In compliance with federal guidelines, colleges and universities must internally adjudicate all complaints of sexual misconduct committed by and/or against college students.

The Title IX process is used by institutions to determine potential violations. During the process, students will need the assistance of an outside party, known as an advisor, to help them navigate.

The Role of an Advisor

People who bring allegations (complainants) and those who respond to said allegations (respondents) have the right to choose anyone they would like to occupy the role of an advisor. This right is extended because both complainants and respondents will need all the help they can get in the intricate Title IX process. Choosing the right attorney will make all the difference in the outcome of a respondent's case.

The Benefits of Choosing an Attorney as Your Advisor

An attorney's assistance is invaluable in this process. They've likely been through the Title IX process many times, and understand what respondents must do to adequately prepare to defend themselves in an investigation or hearing. An attorney can also ensure that a respondent's rights are protected and properly exercised.

The Title IX Process

  • A complaint is filed: Colleges and univ