Effect of Title IX or Major Code of Conduct Violation on Internships and Externships

Being accused of a Title IX or other major code of conduct violation such as sexual misconduct is serious, and being disciplined for such a violation could have long-lasting and far-reaching consequences that go well beyond your academic career.

You may already know that such a serious charge could mean the end of the internship or externship you worked hard to secure — but, depending on your chosen major and/or profession, the consequences could reach far, far into your future. You may not even be able to complete your degree or qualify for certification in your chosen profession.

If you or a loved one has been accused of or are facing the investigation of a Title IX sexual misconduct charge at a college or university, the time to start defending yourself is now. You must be sure to take the appropriate measures as early in the process as possible to ensure that you receive the full and fair process you are entitled to.

Attorney Joseph D. Lento has been defending the rights of the accused in both criminal proceedings and school disciplinary hearings for over 20 years. If you are facing a Title IX or other major code of conduct violation, you need a school disciplinary hearing advisor on your side right now to make sure your rights are protected. Contact Joseph D. Lento and start defending yourself now.

The Disciplinary Process

If you are accused of a major violation of your school's code of conduct, there is a procedure your school must follow. Generally, this process is described in a Student Code of Conduct, which is distributed to all incoming students.

In the case of alleged Title IX violations, colleges and universities that receive federal funding are bound by the provisions of Title IX regarding the disciplinary process. If they diverge from these procedures or fail to handle claims effectively and in a timely manner, they may face penalties.

Generally speaking with all accusations, you will have some opportunity to present your side of events, and you want to be as prepared as possible when that time comes. An experienced school disciplinary hearing advisor knows how to handle each step of the process, including the types of questions to ask of the administration and other school officials as the process goes on.

Specifically regarding Title IX, new regulations, with which colleges and universities that receive federal funding must comply by August 14, 2020, even allow advisors or counsel for respondents in such cases to cross-examine the accuser. Having someone with extensive experience in crafting cross-examination questions can be priceless to your Title IX defense.

Snowball Effect of Internship/Externship Loss

Unfortunately, the ramifications of a serious code of conduct or Title IX violation can reach far beyond the loss of a one-semester or even one-year internship or externship.

For starters, some majors require completion of internships and/or externships for credit toward graduation. If you are unable to complete those requirements, you may not be able to graduate with the degree you had been working so hard toward up until that point — or at least not be able to do so on time.

Moreover, depending on what year you are in school, if you are unable to meet the requirements of your chosen major, you may not be able to switch majors and still graduate, even with a different concentration, on time either. This type of delay in receiving a degree could be devastating financially as well as emotionally.

Note that some professions require an internship or externship experience in order to become certified. Teachers, for instance, generally have to log a certain number of hours as a student teacher before being eligible to certified in the profession. If an adverse disciplinary action against you removes your opportunity to complete that requirement, you may find it difficult to pursue your passion for teaching.

Other Serious Penalties for Serious Misconduct or Title IX Violations

Of course, the loss of an internship or externship isn't the only possible ramification for a serious code of conduct or Title IX violation. Loss of university housing (either temporary or permanent), probation, suspension, or expulsion are possible as well.

All of these possible sanctions could adversely affect your ability to earn your degree. Expulsion may also make it more difficult to gain admittance to another school to finish your degree and pursue your chosen career path as well

Get an Experienced School Disciplinary Hearing Advisor on Your Case Today

With so much at stake where serious misconduct allegations are involved, it just doesn't make sense to go it alone. An experienced school disciplinary hearing advisor is someone who will be on your side, making sure your process is fair and that your interests are well represented.

If you are accused of a serious code of conduct or Title IX violation, you cannot underestimate the potentially devastating effects of your current situation on your enrollment at your university, participation in internships and externships, and even opportunities for future employment. Your entire career path could be derailed if you're not making sure that your rights are well represented every step of the way throughout the disciplinary process.

Attorney Joseph D. Lento can help. He's ready and willing to fight for you because he understands how much you have on the line. Contact Joseph D. Lento online today or call 888-535-3686 to discuss your case and get someone on your side, now.