What should I do if a college or university violates my student rights in Arizona? VIDEO

College students in Arizona have various rights under federal and state laws. When a college or university in Arizona violates its student's rights, there are recourses. Some of the most common violations for student's rights are under Title VI, discrimination in education, Title VII, employment discrimination, Title IX, sex discrimination, and under the Americans with disabilities act, the ADA reasonable accommodations for documented medical needs.

When there's a violation there are several different potential avenues for resolution for a public college or university, you could bring what's known as a 1983 claim which is a violation of rights by a government body for a public school. You can also bring a claim under the state administrative procedures act which specifies how the government must act and the remedies if it does not follow its procedures.

At either a public or a private college or university, you also have contractual rights under the school's policies including the school's code of conduct. You are entitled to rely on these rights. If the school fails to follow the contract, you can bring a claim for breach of contract. It is critical to have the appropriate support when addressing these violations and an experienced attorney advisor would be your best ally to do so.

Arizona colleges and universities where Joseph D. Lento can help address and resolve violations of student rights, include, but are not limited to, the following schools: