If I lose on campus, how does a Title IX lawsuit work?

How a Title IX lawsuit works is going to depend on the case itself, the outcome, what failings may have taken place during the course of the case that led to the outcome. A Title IX lawsuit, it may involve an argued breach of contract claim against the school, it may argue due process violations. A Title IX lawsuit, at times it can be an effective step forward. There's other steps that could be taken in advance of filing a lawsuit, for example, for strategic reasons, filing a complaint with the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights.

There's many nuances and considerations that must be determined to choose the most appropriate and effective strategy moving forward. Steps can also be taken at the school prior to the filing of a lawsuit to try to negotiate a alternative outcome, although it's damage control at that point. That's one of the reasons why having an experienced attorney advisor, it's critical that they're in your corner from the start of the process to try to mitigate the outcome, to try to achieve a favorable outcome so that the prospect of a Title IX lawsuit is not necessary.