When is university faculty informed of a Title IX complaint against them?

It depends. Most schools will notify university faculty if there's a Title IX complaint against them as soon as the complaint is made or shortly thereafter. There's a reason for that. The university would want to notify the university faculty member of the alleged act so that, say, if there was a delay or some lessen time have gone by and the university faculty member continued to commit alleged acts, the argument would be made, well, why weren't they notified immediately so that if there was some violation that they could correct it versus, say, stacking up multiple violations at this point.

There are exceptions to that whether it's due to, say, any intent on the school's part or a failure in the school's part where a university faculty member may be made aware at a much later time. It's important to have an experienced attorney-adviser in your corner from the start of the process. University faculty have much to lose in the Title IX case if the case is not handled properly.