How can I help my child prepare for a university sexual misconduct hearing in Missouri? VIDEO

Preparing your child for a university sexual misconduct hearing in Missouri needs to take place as early as possible in the process. As soon as the college or university notifies the accused student of the allegations against him or her, you have to bear in mind the prospect of a hearing. When the accused student responds to the allegations, it needs to be done as effectively as possible because it will be challenged at a later time during the hearing process. Anything that would support the accused student's version of events, the respondent that is, the accused student's version of events needs to be presented to the school at the given time.

Be it witness, witness statements, documentary evidence. Expert reports may need to be obtained. Prior to the hearing, an investigation report will be prepared and will be presented to the hearing panel. The hearing panel will review that and will have a good understanding of the case before the hearing even takes place. That's why it's critical that the investigation report be as strong as possible. For purpose of the hearing, an opening and closing statement would need to be prepared. Appropriate questions would need to be prepared for the witnesses, the complainant, the respondent, the witnesses.

There needs to be oversight and accountability for the hearing panel in the hearing process. An experienced attorney advisor will be your son or daughter's best ally both in preparing and defending at a university sexual misconduct hearing.