Attorney for Bucknell University Students

Bucknell University is a school that emphasizes how important academic integrity is to the preservation of the intellectual community. Students who are accused of violating the university's rules that maintain academic integrity will be accused of what's known as “academic misconduct” - a charge that puts your academic and professional career in jeopardy.

As a college student at Bucknell University, it's easy to get overwhelmed. You'll be assigned tons of homework, exams, projects, and presentations, leaving you to either sharpen your time management skills and adapt or struggle with completing it all. Unfortunately, the struggle to keep up with studies is the number one culprit behind academic misconduct charges.

In this article, we'll address how Bucknell University defines and handles academic misconduct, as well as why you need a student defense attorney to represent you throughout the school's processes. 

Bucknell University's Honor Code

Bucknell University is an academic community that assumes personal and professional integrity on the part of all of its members.  The school has identified six fundamental values that define academic integrity: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage.

The school's Honor Code makes students promise the following:

  • I will not lie, cheat or steal in my academic endeavors
  • I will forthrightly oppose each and every instance of academic misconduct
  • I will let my conscience guide my decision to communicate directly with any person or persons I believe to have been dishonest in academic work
  • I will let my conscience guide my decision on reporting breaches of academic integrity to the appropriate faculty or deans

Academic misconduct is defined as behavior that precludes one's work or that of another from being judged fairly.