What are derogatory and sexist remarks?

Derogatory and sexist remarks in a Title IX case are, as the name implies, remarks, comments, statements that are of a unwelcome and inappropriate nature. The question is who is making the determination regarding what's appropriate and what's inappropriate. The question as to welcome or unwelcome is another consideration yet, but unfortunately, schools often have a liberal interpretation of what may be a derogatory or a sexist remark. It's further complicated by the fact that does a student have free speech rights or are their remarks of a nature that the school's Title IX policy, for example, or conduct policy, would trump free speech rights at a public university, for example, further complicated yet by public versus private universities. It's an important consideration. You need the help of an experienced attorney advisor to help you navigate the process because much is at stake if you're accused of making derogatory or sexist remarks in a Title IX case at your school.