Ivy Tech Community College Misconduct Charges

Valuing an Ivy Tech Community College Education

Ivy Tech Community College serving the state of Indiana, proudly boasts that it is the nation's largest singly accredited community college. No doubt, Ivy Tech does wonders educating Indiana's workforce. A flexible, practical, and affordable Ivy Tech education can also open doors for graduates to valuable careers. Ivy Tech, for instance, graduates more associate-level nurses than any other school in the country. With seventy-five programs spread across forty-four Indiana locations serving nearly 150,000 students, Ivy Tech is not only a large and impactful institution but also a sophisticated institution maintaining Higher Learning Commission accreditation. When you enrolled at Ivy Tech, you had a sense of the value an Ivy Tech education offered you. Don't lose sight of that value in whatever challenges your Ivy Tech education is presenting you. Education must challenge students to reward them. Community college is no exception, presenting its own challenges to students. Instead, get the professional advisor help you need to avoid college dismissal, meet your educational goals, and enjoy your education's rewards.

Student Discipline at Ivy Tech Community College

Ivy Tech Community College guarantees its students many