Tackling Continuing Education at the University of Miami

Going back to school is always a great idea, and the University of Miami offers a great place to do it. Whether you're just looking to learn a little something new, you're trying to get ahead at work, or you finally want to get your bachelor's degree, UM's Division of Continuing and International Education (DCIE) can help you reach your goals in a way that fits your schedule.

Of course, it won't be a cakewalk. Nothing worthwhile ever is, though, is it? DCIE offers certificate programs, stand-alone certification courses, and even a BA in General Studies. All of them demand maximum effort from students. Courses are rigorous; expectations are high. Can you handle those expectations? Of course, you can. You want to be prepared, though. You need to know exactly what you're in for.

As a CE student at UM, you'll face two types of issues. First, of course, is academics. Getting a degree or completing a training program isn't just about taking courses. You also have to do well in those courses. The University of Miami doesn't just hand out credentials to anyone.

College success also requires an ability to adapt to your environment, follow the school's policies and procedures, and demonstrate you can be a good citizen in your campus community.

You'll find detailed information below on how to deal with both academic and non-academic issues. Most of these you can handle on your own. You'll also find information, though, on how to get help with those you can't.


First things first: you're going back to school to get an education. What exactly does an education mean at the University of Miami Division of Continuing and International Education?

Degree and Certificate Requirements