Dealing with Sexual Misconduct Allegations at CUNY, City College

Sexual misconduct is among the most serious charges you can face as a college student. It is no exaggeration to say that your entire future is at stake. If you're found responsible, the minimum sanction you'll face is probably suspension. More likely, though, your school will expel you. This means you'll be barred from attending other state schools as well. In fact, your transcript may include a notation about your offense that could keep you from enrolling anywhere, inside the state or out of it.

Given how serious the repercussions of sexual misconduct cases can be, you'd think that schools would take extra precautions to ensure everyone is treated fairly. Unfortunately, campus justice is often heavily weighted in favor of complainants (accusers) rather than respondents (the accused). For example, your school doesn't have to be certain “beyond a reasonable doubt” in order to find you guilty. If they're more than fifty percent sure, that's enough.

Given all this, it's vital you find out all you can about how your school treats sexual misconduct cases. You need to know the investigative procedures. You need to know what rights you have and how to safeguard them. Most importantly, though, you need to know what help is available to you. Because while you will want to be as prepared as possible, you must also recognize an important fact: you can't handle this situation alone.

Title IX Cases

The first thing you need to know is that at CUNY, City College, there are two kinds of sexual misconduct cases. The first kind is covered under