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For most Missouri medical students, they have dreamed of becoming a doctor since before they knew what it really took to be part of the profession. They worked hard to gain admission to medical school, but it was not until the first few days of classes that they realized what was expected of them. And for the majority of students, these expectations can feel insurmountable, causing them to succumb to the pressure. If you or someone you love has found themselves in a similar situation, reaching out to an attorney-advisor is your best bet for defending yourself against dismissal. Attorney advisors have extensive knowledge of medical school dismissal proceedings and will be able to advocate on your behalf.

Academic and Professionalism Policies for Missouri Medical Students

At almost every university in the country, you will find a code of conduct the students are expected to follow. Medical schools take that general code of conduct a step farther by including professional responsibilities their students must abide by. If your school is similar to Saint Louis Missouri School of Medicine, you will be expected to refrain from cheating in any form and to have a devotion to addressing inequalities in patient care, presenting yourself to patients in a kind and compassionate manner, and acting with humility and awareness of your personal limitations.

Students who are accused of violating these standards will be brought before their school's decision board to determine if they should be given the chance to remediate or be dismissed or suspended from the program. It may seem like there is something you will never have to experience, but the challenges that bring you before the decision board vary. For instance, you could be brought before them because you were caught cheating or because the faculty do not believe you are ready to proceed to the next year, course, or rotation.

Remediation at Missouri Medical Schools

The nature of medicine is as precarious as life is, always evolving, always changing. As such, doctors are expected to keep up with these advancements to best take care of their patients. One way medical schools ensure their students are capable of success in this ever-changing environment is to test them on both their academic understanding and their professional capabilities.

At the University of Missouri Columbia School of Medicine, your performance will be reviewed each year to determine if you should proceed to the next year. This review includes professor and clinical instructor recommendations, as well as your scores on academic work. If you receive an unsatisfactory grade or are found to have excessive absences during your first or second year, you are given the opportunity to remediate the course during the summer. Additionally, if at the end of your second year you fail Step 1 of the USMLE, you must retake it before being allowed to advance to the third year of medical school.

The remediation process is specific to the school you attend, and in some cases, it may not be offered outright at all. If so, it might be confusing to attempt to get your school to afford you such an opportunity. Attorney advisors can help you navigate such a complex program and make sure you are able to graduate on time.

Dismissal from a Missouri Medical Program

No one expects to be facing a dismissal proceeding when they attend medical school, but the reality is, there are many things that could put you in such a situation. For instance, at Washington University in St. Louis, the medical school will begin dismissal reviews if a student receives an unsatisfactory grade, is caught cheating, or is unable to behave in a professional manner while working in their clerkship rotations.

Dismissal proceedings are overwhelming no matter what medical school you go to, and unfortunately, being insufficiently defended could mean facing other serious long-term consequences besides dismissal. Most medical students have taken out considerable financial loans to pay for tuition, room and board, and without the possibility of a physician's salary after graduation, those loans will be difficult to repay. Additionally, dismissed students may find it hard to gain admission to another school. Medical schools are notoriously selective in their admissions process. Having an expulsion on your transcripts could force other medical schools to remove you from their pool of potential applicants, forcing you to attend another, less reputable school.

Further, students who are dismissed from medical school may find it hard to start over, even if they do get into a different school. The blow to your self-esteem and trust can be hard to overcome, which is why working with an attorney advisor is so important. The goal shouldn't be just to survive the dismissal proceeding but to fight for your future.


Medical schools, like most schools in America, must afford their students certain due process rights, including:

  • Being able to face your accuser
  • Being able to defend yourself from accusations
  • Asking for remediation for a failing grade
  • And appealing the university's dismissal decision

Once you are notified of the decision board's determination, you have the right to appeal it. Generally, the notification will state exactly what grounds the appeal should be made on and by what date it needs to be submitted.

For instance, at ATSU's Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, the SEB's decision can be appealed to the Senior Vide President-Academic Affairs (SVPAA) within 10 calendar days of receiving it. The SVPAA will review it and within five calendar days notify the student of their final decision. It is important to review your school's appeals process beforehand and to remember that this appeal is your last chance to protect your dream of being a doctor.

If you find this process stressful, reach out to an attorney-advisor who can help alleviate that anxiety. An attorney advisor will also be able to navigate a new approach to your case if your appeal is denied or you believe your medical school is acting unreasonably. For instance, they will be able to contact the Office of General Counsel at your medical school and negotiate on your behalf. Usually, these discussions prove to be a better avenue than a traditional lawsuit.

Missouri Medical Student Defense Advisor

Medical school is a serious fete to conquer, don't let the possibility of a dismissal proceeding get in your way. Whether you've been accused of cheating, violating your professional responsibilities, or have received a poor grade on an exam, an attorney advisor can help. Attorney Joseph D. Lento and his team are skilled attorney advisors with years of experience helping medical students in the same situation. Call the Lento Law Firm today at 888-535-3686 to discuss your case or schedule a time online.

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