Title IX Attorney to File OCR Complaint in Mississippi

Title IX is a federal civil rights law prohibiting sexual discrimination at all schools receiving federal funding. When a school is made aware of an allegation such as sexual misconduct they are required to investigate by collecting evidence and holding a hearing where a judgment is issued. Violators may potentially face harsh penalties such as suspension or expulsion. These incidents often are further complicated due to alcohol consumption at the time and many of the accused report the school rushed through the investigation with minimal consideration for their rights. Violators have a right to approach the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) with a complaint for a possible reinvestigation of the matter from an independent perspective. It is highly recommended that students considering an OCR complaint first consult with an attorney. Joseph D. Lento is an attorney who will aggressively defend students in Mississippi in these actions.

University of Mississippi Facing Two Related Lawsuits (2018)

The Daily Mississippian reported on a lawsuit recently filed by the plaintiff “Andrew Doe” against theUniversity of Mississippi, which claims the school showed gender bias in a Title IX investigation that found him “responsible” for misconduct. The University Judicial Council concluded that Doe demonstrated sexual misconduct and suspended him for one year. He then unsuccessfully appealed the r