East Tennessee State Quillen College of Medicine

Renowned for excellence in rural medicine and primary care, the East Tennessee State Quillen College of Medicine educates qualified medical professionals ready to serve local communities. Among Quillen College of Medicine's strategic plans is leadership in the medical and biomedical fields, emphasizing research and scientific discovery and encouraging innovative health care delivery. Graduates can look forward to numerous professional opportunities upon graduation – but they must maintain academic and professional standards to stay enrolled.

Medical students can look forward to a rigorous and thorough training process that allows them to take on the challenges of their future profession. However, they may also have a hard time keeping up due to the significant pressure to succeed. Students going through academic issues or who commit policy violations must stand before a council, with consequences ranging from a reprimand to permanent dismissal.

Without the help of an attorney advisor, a medical student's hard work and effort may go to waste, mainly due to misunderstandings or a lack of evidence and accurate information.

Student Conduct and Academic Policies

Quillen School of Medicine outlines its expectations for behavioral, academic, and professional requirements in its Policies and Procedures catalog. The ETSU General Policy on Student Conduct and Disciplinary Sanctions list behaviors the administration considers violations, along with possible penalties.

The administration takes academic issues and ethical violations seriously, stating in its honor code that “Medical students are presumed to be honorable men and women of the highest perso