College Sexual Misconduct Advisor - University of Chicago - Title IX Violations

Student sexual misconduct is traumatizing. For all involved, it causes immeasurable damage. If your University of Chicago student faces sexual misconduct charges, your entire family is likely confused, hurting, and wondering what might happen next.

There is a lot at stake in your child's case. The University of Chicago takes sexual misconduct very seriously. Even though your student has the right to a fair trial, the University may subconsciously side with the victim or overlook some of your student's rights. You must not allow this to happen. A sexual misconduct allegation could ruin their bright future before it properly begins.

By working with an experienced Title IX and sexual misconduct lawyer, you may be able to mitigate the consequences of your student's misconduct case. However, it's important that you begin as early as possible.

The University of Chicago and Recent Title IX Updates

In mid-2020, the United States Government announced updates to Title IX that narrow the events litigable under the law. Many universities responded by introducing two sexual misconduct policies - one to catch all events that fall under Title IX, and another for everything else.

The University of Chicago is one such institution. They have a Policy on Title IX Sexual Harassment and a Policy on Harassment, Discrimination, and Sexual Misconduct. Regardless of these distinctions, the allegations for sexual misconduct and the general process by which the University of Chicago manages investigations and adjudications remains the same.

The University of Chicago's