Seton Hill University Title IX Violations

Seton Hill University handles instances of sexual misconduct within its student body with particular severity. The University has a zero tolerance policy on sexual misconduct that is outlined within the pages of its Student Handbook. The policy also outlines what actions the University will take when enacting a disciplinary process on students who are alleged to have violated this policy. These processes are much more strict and potentially severe than those used for investigating and resolving incidents of standard misconduct.

Seton Hill University Sexual Misconduct Process

Once a sexual misconduct complaint is filed with the University, the University will begin determining what steps are appropriate for resolution. Throughout the process, the student who files the complaint will be known as the "complainant," while the student who faces the allegations will be known as "respondent." The University will employ either an informal resolution process or a formal complaint procedure for resolving incidents of sexual misconduct. Informal resolutions are mediative in nature, and will require both parties to agree to do so. The process will be overseen by the Title IX Coordinator and all aspects of the situation will be considered. Incidents of sexual violence or sexual assault will not be resolved informally, and instead automatically be elevated to a formal resolution. The University may also elect to subject the respondent to certain interim measures, such as temporary suspension, if it is believed that the student poses a threat to the University community or to the investigation.

Formal Resolution Process