Academic Progression at Yale University

If you're a student at Yale University, you're to be congratulated. You made it into a school that accepts just five percent of all applicants. That doesn't just happen. It means you have smarts. It also means you are hard-working, disciplined, and dedicated.

Now is no time to let up, though. Getting into Yale is impressive, but it isn't the same as graduating from Yale. That takes even more hard work, discipline, and dedication. Coursework can be difficult; professors can be demanding; and, let's face it, over the course of four years, life is going to intervene occasionally. You're going to get sick or wreck your car or go through a difficult breakup, and you're going to struggle. We all make mistakes—even Yale students.

Don't let a difficult semester or two define who you are. If you're struggling academically, facing probation, or even dismissal, there's help out there. National Student Defense attorney-advisor Joseph D. Lento specializes in helping students get their careers back on track. He knows how university processes work; he knows how to talk to faculty and administrators; he knows how to protect your rights as a student. Joseph D. Lento has helped hundreds of students succeed. He can help you too.

Academic Progression Requirements at Yale University

The key to moving forward at Yale or any other university is steady progress from semester to semester and year to year. That comes down to staying in