Attorney for Cedar Crest College Students

To say that the world of higher education is big on integrity is an understatement. Academic communities like Cedar Crest College can only thrive when every member is fully committed to the principles of academic integrity. To ensure students reach their educational goals, Cedar Crest has enforced a number of rules that serve to preserve and maintain academic integrity in all scholastic endeavors. 

Students who break these rules, knowingly or accidentally, will be accused of academic misconduct. Accusations of academic misconduct are serious and will be punished through the school's judicial system. Guilty determinations of academic misconduct have been known to jeopardize students' college careers and affect their professional lives down the line as well. 

In this article, we'll address how Cedar Crest College handles allegations of academic misconduct and why you need a student defense attorney to assist you through the process once accused.

Cedar Crest College's Honor Code

Cedar Crest College students are expected to uphold community standards for academic and social behavior in order to preserve a learning environment dedicated to personal and academic excellence. Upholding community standards is a matter of personal integrity and honor. Individuals who attend Cedar Crest are making a pledge to accept responsibility for their actions in all academic and social situations and the effect their actions may have on other members of the college community.

Cedar Crest College considers the following acts, but not only the following acts, to be breaches of its academic standard of integrity and academic misconduct. Examples of academic misconduct include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Cheating: during the performance of or c