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Failure to progress; academic misconduct; allegations of unethical behavior surrounding assignments or fingers pointed at your slow-paced projects. These likely aren't the types of feedback you were hoping to receive when you enrolled at Monroe College. If you're in a situation where your school is listing out allegations of academic missteps such as these in order to dismiss you or mete out unfair disciplinary measures, it's time to work to protect your future--now.

It's important to realize that Monroe College is a for-profit school. These types of academic institutions differ in several important ways from state-run or non-profit universities. Since private businesses tend to own these colleges, they exist to make money. If your for-profit school can make a decision to prioritize revenue over your education, it will.

This means that if you're in a difficult disciplinary situation, there may be motivations at play beyond your own conduct or behavior. At the Lento Law Firm, we believe that you should have every chance to enjoy the degree and the future you've worked heavily to achieve. If Monroe College is acting in ways that could make that difficult, we're here to help.

The Monroe College Code of Conduct: What Constitutes an Offense?

Monroe College's website features a Code of Conduct and Community Standards that makes clear the expectations of each and every Monroe student. In the introduction to the list of prohibited behaviors, Monroe College makes it clear that any misconduct could merit “disciplinary action, including expulsion.”

As you have made a specific (and, likely, large) investment in pursuit of a degree from Monroe College, it's a good idea to be very aware of the types of academic misconduct that Monroe College could cite to avoid giving you your degree. These behaviors include:

  • Plagiarism, or turning in the work or ideas of another as your own
  • Cheating, or any steps you take to give yourself an unfair academic advantage over your peers
  • Collusion, or working with your peers on assignments without your teacher's approval
  • Disrupting your classroom environment or failing to obey specific direction from your teacher
  • Attending class under the influence of a controlled substance
  • Failing to obtain consent from the administration prior to using classrooms
  • Interfering with the normal operation of the college
  • Using unauthorized electronic devices during class
  • Failing to respect the rules surrounding libraries, offices, and learning centers
  • Falsification of any data or records that you produce while at school--e.g., the results of scientific experiments

As you can see, this is quite a comprehensive list of academic offenses--and some of these behaviors are clearly more serious than others. Yet Monroe College reserves the right to dismiss students for any of these types of academic misconduct.

Unfortunately, this can put you in a confusing and difficult place as a student in need of the degree that you've worked to achieve. After Monroe College realizes that you may have allegedly acted in a punishable way, the school will begin its disciplinary due process.

Due Process and Disciplinary Procedures at Monroe College

The disciplinary process and appealing procedures at Monroe College is also available on its website. They keep their guidelines short and to the point. As the school notes on its academic misconduct page, any student that exhibits punishable behavior risks probation, suspension, and expulsion. Somewhat tellingly, their disciplinary process page contains no information regarding your rights during their due process--or even what actions and investigations the school will take to adjudicate your case fairly. Instead, Monroe College merely mentions that expulsion is on the table, and then says that you have a right to appeal the school's disciplinary decisions--once.

This allows for a lot of unseen discretion on Monroe College's part with reference to your future. It may also make it hard to ensure that you receive a fair disciplinary process, should you find yourself in that situation.

If this sounds scary and frustrating, that's because it is. If you believe that you may merit disciplinary consequences or academic dismissal at Monroe College, you need to reach out for help before your school takes action that's detrimental for you--permanently.

How a Student Defense Advisor Can Help You

You've invested heavily in your education. From your financial investment to the years that you've worked hard for a degree, you've put a lot in. You need to get a lot out of it. If you feel like your school is dismissing you out of hand or treating you poorly without basis, you need to take action today. Whether you're a Masters Degree student on the cusp of graduation or a freshman seeking to make the best grades possible to build a good foundation for your future, it's time to protect what is yours.

Fortunately, you're not alone.

Monroe College has policies in place to protect your rights. You need to hold your school accountable for those policies to give yourself the best possible chance of a good outcome. A good attorney-advisor can act as a guide during your school's disciplinary process, help you draft strong documents, provide external authority to keep your school in line, and more.

Joseph D. Lento is Here to Help You Protect Your Future

As a college student, the world is your oyster. Your future is bright. There's a lot you can do with the years before you--which means that there is a lot at stake if anything happens to disrupt your education or mar your reputation.

Your for-profit college stands to benefit from finding a reason to do just that. If you're in a situation where Monroe College is citing your alleged academic misconduct as a reason to expel you or refuse to give you your degree, you need to take action to protect your own interests.

Don't do this by yourself. Instead, work with an experienced, empathetic attorney to get the help you need. With Joseph D. Lento by your side, you'll have a fighting chance of the favorable outcome you need. He has a reputation for aggressively defending the rights of students who require a second chance. Reach out to our Firm, and he'll do the same for you. Contact the Lento Law Firm at 888-535-3686 today to learn more about your next steps.