Medical Residents: Parkland Health and Hospital System, Dallas

A medical residency is no small achievement. And Parkland Health and Hospital System in Dallas is a special place. Parkland's commitment to “health equity” through a focus on community care, a commitment to honoring diversity, and a willingness to serve the indigent aren't for everyone. Your four years here, though, can be some of the most rewarding of your career and set you on a path of service in a way few other residency programs can equal.

Make no mistake: these four years will demand the very best of you. Parkland's unique mission requires it to hold residents to the highest standards. Success here isn't just about demonstrating what you know. You did that as a medical student. It's about demonstrating your medical ethics, your ability to work as part of a team, your compassion as a healer, and your dedication to patient care. Success means knowing exactly what's expected of you.

It also means knowing what to do when you make mistakes, as you inevitably will. It means knowing how to find help when you get yourself into trouble. At the law offices of Joseph D. Lento, we're committed to helping health professionals achieve their dreams by overcoming the obstacles that sometimes get in the way.

Medical Resident Policies at Parkland Health and Hospital System

As a resident at Parkland Health and Hospital System, you are governed by standards set by the Graduate Medical Education program at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Those standards are encoded in the program's