University of Pennsylvania Academic Misconduct Disciplinary Procedures

Academic misconduct occurs when a student does not comply with the academic guidelines upheld by a school. The University of Pennsylvania, much like the majority of other educational institutions, value academic integrity and expect each and every member to abide by these regulations. If not, these dishonest actions are met with corrective actions.

If you are a UPENN student who has been accused of academic misconduct and plan on challenging these charges, you need to be aware of all of your options. Here is an in-depth overview of your school's disciplinary processes.

The Disciplinary Process

Any member of the UPENN community who suspects that a student has violated the institution's academic integrity policy is can file a complaint in writing with the Office of Student Conduct (OFC). A complaint basically asks the office to consider this matter for a referral or an investigation. You, the student in question, will be immediately notified of these allegations.

Once this complaint is processed, the OSC will evaluate if the code of conduct, Code of Academic Integrity, or any applicable regulations have been violated. In the event that there isn't any sufficient evidence of a violation, the matter will be dismissed without further investigation. However, if the OSC decides that it is probably a violation may have occurred, it will decide between two resolution options: mediation or an investigation.


UPENN is unique in its own right, being that it encourages each party in a complaint to resolve academic misconduct conflicts through informal mediation. Mediation preserves the relationships between all parties involved in these cases