Student Disability Advisor — Arizona

Students attending a primary or secondary school, college or university, or other education programs will encounter a myriad of academic and social challenges. Yet, students with disabilities can face further trials. Applying for accommodations for disabilities can be a burdensome process, and students who don't receive support early face an increased risk of not graduating. One study shows that 70 percent of students with mental health disabilities are not registered to receive accommodations, one-third of which weren't even aware they could. Nevertheless, they aren't alone in their struggles, as one in five students enrolled in higher education has a physical, mental, or emotional disability. Although numerous state and federal laws require schools to provide reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities, Arizona schools sometimes fail in their legal obligations. If your K-12 school, an institution of higher education, or other educational program fails to recognize your disability or denies reasonable accommodations, contact national education attorney-advisor Joseph D. Lento. He and the Lento Law Firm's Student Defense Team stand ready to engage Arizona schools so you can gain equal access to education.

Disabled Student Rights in Arizona

Disability Accommodations in Arizona

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