North Dakota Title IX Advisor for International Students

Because of the high quantities of international students from other countries who move to North Dakota to reap the benefits these state colleges and universities have to offer, it isn't unlikely for them to be involved in sexual misconduct cases.

Title IX is a law intended to protect all students from this misconduct, and it also regulates how schools mitigate incidents alleging sexual misconduct. Due to the nature of this law, Title IX policies will affect international students differently than native students, be it that they are an accuser, known as “complainant,” or  the accused, referred to as a “respondent.” In fact, certain aspects of this law and its enforcement have been known to marginalize international students and leave them vulnerable.

In this article, I'll explain how international students are uniquely affected by this law.

Understanding Title IX

Title IX of the Education Amendments is a federal civil rights law that protects all students from discrimination based on gender in federally funded colleges and universities. This law covers students regardless of national origin, citizen status, or immigration status.

Sexual misconduct in all of its varieties - sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, etc. - is considered gender-based discrimination under this law. Therefore, under current guidance, institutions are obligated to fairly and promptly adjudicating all complaints alleging this misconduct.

How Sexual Misconduct Allegations Affect North Dakota International Students

Being a respondent in the Title IX process comes with inherent drawbacks. Due to the social stigma sexual m