The Challenges of Continuing Education: Rutgers University

Deciding to go back to school is a big decision that is not made lightly. Continuing education programs require dedication and time, things that many students do not have enough of because of other responsibilities on their plate. But, despite that, continuing education is extremely rewarding and can help you build your resume, fulfill employment requirements, and learn new skills.

Rutgers University Continuing Education offers several different types of programs for students, including programs for active-duty military and veterans, courses for learners over 50, and training programs for the unemployed. As one of the leading research universities in the country, Rutgers prides itself on providing more than 5,000 programs a year to help individuals develop, both personally and professionally.

Of course, with university pride comes high expectations for continuing education students. You are expected to progress through your classes appropriately and uphold all aspects of academic integrity. Additionally, you are expected to maintain the same level of honesty and conduct as students in other departments at Rutgers. Students who violate any of the rules will be subject to disciplinary proceedings and could face dismissal from their program without the ability to reapply.


Rutgers University Continuing Education offers 5,000 courses each year for personal enrichment, degree completion, and professional development. This includes training programs for air and noise pollution, continuing dental education courses, a Master of Business and Science degree, and professional development students for managers, among others.

It is important to remember that no matter whether you are studying d