Title IX Attorney to File OCR Complaint in Oregon

Colleges and universities have designated Title IX coordinators assigned to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct. Schools that receive federal education funds establish and follow specific procedures when looking into such complaints. Title IX was implemented to prevent discrimination in all educational institutions. The administration may impose penalties and sanctions on the student offenders. The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) is an agency that accepts complaints from those accused and may reevaluate such investigations if they feel it is warranted. Individuals who contest the allegations and findings in student disciplinary actions may benefit from contacting the Lento Law Firm for assistance.

Campus Investigations

Oregon's colleges and universities have established written procedures for investigating complaints of sexual harassment or assault. Following their inquiry, a hearing is conducted where the school reveals their decision and sanctions may be levied. Each school's written grievance policies contain an explanation of how an accused student may file an appeal to contest the decision.

Filing an OCR Complaint

If the appeals process is unsuccessful, the accused may elect to pursue a formal OCR complaint. Retaining experienced legal counsel is strongly recommended when considering whether to proceed with a complaint. A lawyer can assist you with drafting a highly effective complaint that is more likely to be effective in persuading the OCR to initiate their own independent review of the matter.

Grounds for OC