Office of General Counsel Resolutions

When representing students accused of college or university misconduct, national college misconduct defense attorney Joseph Lento and the expert team at the Lento Law Firm have an ace in the hole. Attorney Lento has relationships of trust and respect with countless attorneys representing colleges and universities nationwide. Attorney Lento knows and has productive relationships with attorneys in college and university Offices of General Counsel and school attorneys retained as Outside Counsel, across the country. School attorneys don't generally run college and university misconduct proceedings. Non-lawyer deans, directors, coordinators, and professors instead do so. But misconduct proceedings don't always go the way they should: fair and equitable according to school procedures and commitments while respecting the accused student's rights. When a misconduct proceeding goes south to your detriment when it should go north in favorable resolution, attorney Lento can play his ace in the hole with a productive call to General Counsel or Outside Counsel.

Formal Procedures Versus Informal Oversight

In college and university misconduct proceedings, formal procedures are important. If you face misconduct charges at your school, then your retained attorney representative should know and follow those procedures and their rules. Formal procedures can help you defend and defeat unfair, unsupported, or exaggerated misconduct charges. But procedures aren't always enough for a fair and favorable outcome. Consider law scholar Grant Gilmore's