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Due to the stringent and often insurmountable standards of US-based medical schools, some students find that seeking an alternative off the mainland is a better option for their future. Caribbean medical schools are often the next best choice, and Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM) is one of the best in the region to pursue a medical degree.

As with US-based medical schools, RUSM expects students to demonstrate principles of academic excellence and ethical conduct. Students who do not abide by the code of conduct face multiple issues, the most severe being permanent dismissal. Without the help of a skilled attorney advisor who understands the stakes, students risk losing placement in medical school and forgo their dream of becoming a doctor.

Issues Unique to Caribbean Medical Schools

In the past, Caribbean medical schools, regardless of the strength of their programs, did not enjoy a favorable reputation. Ross University School of Medicine is among the few exceptions to this viewpoint, especially since it enjoys a strong reputation and offers a challenging yet rewarding program. However, American students must ensure that they understand the risks of enrolling in Caribbean medical schools, especially since they may cause more problems than they solve.

Caribbean medical schools are mostly for-profit institutions built to accommodate American students seeking a more straightforward and less competitive admissions process. However, the caveat to this convenience is that many of these schools often do not have accreditation or a good reputation for the very same reason. As a result, graduates find themselves under thousands of dollars in debt without a suitable residency match in the United States. Fortunately, this does not have to be the case for students graduating from RUSM. The institution enjoys full accreditation and recognition as among the top-tier schools in the Caribbean.

You've worked extremely hard to gain admittance to RUSM. If you face any issues related to your academic performance, professionalism, or otherwise, you want to protect your investment and your eligibility for residency programs. As you consider the following issues that may arise while you're at RUSM, know that an attorney-advisor can help you find a resolution.

Professionalism and Conduct Standards

According to the conduct and behavioral standards outlined in the Student Handbook, RUSM students must have a strong work ethic and maintain professional behavior. The Code of Conduct lists four primary standards to help students understand RUSM's requirements. These standards include having a basic proficiency in medical science, abiding by the American Medical Association's Code of Ethics, signing the Honor Pledge, and following the code of conduct.

Although conduct and professionalism are necessary to maintain a level playing field and protect students, they are not enough for a future physician's training. Medical students must also have academic proficiency and excel at their studies to progress to the next phase of their program.

Academic Issues and Remediation Policy

Students who are struggling with academic issues cannot graduate from RUSM. Although the school is not in the US, this does not mean that administrators tolerate sub-par performance and chronic failure. One of the main reasons students face sanctions and risk delaying graduation is academic issues, but there is help. RUSM offers remediation for struggling students and provides educational initiatives to improve student performance and reinforce compliance. Students who receive remediation by exam cannot re-take it if they do not pass.

Students who fail a semester and must repeat it are under academic probation. Although remediation may be a hassle and has its issues – mainly, that some students feel “pushed” to complete it – the benefits outweigh its negative aspects. Without remediation, students may not graduate at all.

Risks of Expulsion from RUSM

One of the most severe sanctions at RUSM is permanent dismissal from campus grounds. Medical schools only reserve expulsion for the most egregious of violations or chronically poor academic performance. Unfortunately, those who receive a permanent discharge from a Caribbean medical school face multiple issues, some of which can have long-term damaging consequences. Some of the problems that students might face upon expulsion from RUSM include:

  • Irreparable reputation damage that transcends academia and can affect future employment
  • Difficulty finding another medical school
  • If students can find placement in another medical school, they cannot pick up where they left off
  • Inability to pay off the significant amount of debt
  • Displacement due to lack of housing
  • Unexpected expenses, including travel, housing, and transportation costs
  • Loss of hope and motivation to become a doctor
  • Wasted time and effort due to not being able to complete their program

The good news is that RUSM allows students to appeal a dismissal decision. Although there are no guarantees, the more a student is prepared to fight the decision, the more likely they can retain placement and continue working within their program. With so much that can go wrong, students must have an ally by their side who understands the gravity of their situation. An attorney advisor can guide the student during this difficult time and helps decrease the likelihood of a student receiving a permanent dismissal.

Hiring a Medical Student Attorney-Advisor

The life of a medical student is full of stress, especially when the student is quite far from family and friends. And while the vast majority of students graduate without issue, some struggle due to the pressure to perform. In the race to graduate on time, some students falter and either commit genuine mistakes or experience a temporary lapse in judgment that can seriously impact their future. During these times, the help of an attorney-advisor not only comes in handy but could be the only option students have to remain enrolled.

Attorney Advisor Joseph D. Lento works with medical students attending RUSM and other Caribbean medical schools and helps them overcome obstacles with administrators. With years of experience, Attorney Lento and his team at the Lento Law Firm recognize when medical school administrations unjustly penalize students and work to minimize the damage that sanctions wreak on the student's future.

Don't let academic issues or professionalism concerns end your dream of becoming a doctor. Don't wait until the issue becomes unresolvable if you are under the threat of adverse consequences or sanctions at RUSM. Call the Lento Law Firm today at 888-535-3686 for a discreet and thorough consultation about your options.

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