Defense for Title IX Investigations in Alabama

The federal law that prohibits sexual discrimination in higher education is Title IX. This law, though, is also tied to the federal funding that a college receives, so if you have been accused of violating it in Alabama, you can expect your school to come after you with all that it has.

Defend your rights by appointing a lawyer to be your Title IX investigation advisor.

Your Right to an Advisor During the Title IX Process

If you have been accused of sexual misconduct – like harassment, assault, stalking, or rape – on a campus in Alabama, you will face Title IX charges which trigger your right to an advisor. Appointing a lawyer rather than a trusted member of the faculty is the only effective manner to proceed in light of what is at stake.  Among many other considerations, choosing an attorney as your advisor has significant advantages:

  • Lawyers thrive in adversarial settings like a hearing and investigation
  • Attorneys build cases for their clients for a living and have honed the skills necessary to do it well
  • Title IX attorneys are familiar with the intricacies and pitfalls of a Title IX investigation

Alabama Title IX Investigations

The Title IX investigation process in Alabama is slightly different for each school. The differences are in the details, though, and most universities follow the same basic theme:

  • The complaint initiates the process. The Title IX investigation begins with the complaint when it is filed at your school. This is th