University of Kentucky College of Medicine

In 1964, the University of Kentucky College of Medicine welcomed its first class of students. It consisted of only four highly-qualified individuals. Since then, the school has awarded M.D. degrees to almost 3,500 students. The classes are small. The standards are high.

If you or a loved one is a student at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, it can seem impossible to live up to the school's reputation and standards. The medical field as a whole exudes this pressure, and medical schools and students alike feel the results of it. As a medical student, you must exhibit professionalism, ethical behavior, and academic excellence at all times.

Any alternatives may result in disciplinary action from your school. The University of Kentucky College of Medicine does not tolerate any unprofessional behavior. It has a reputation to protect. You need to make sure that the College does not work to protect that reputation by steamrolling any of your rights as a medical student.

If you face professionalism or disciplinary action, academic progression issues, or dismissal, for example, you need to work to protect your rights - and your future. If the University of Kentucky College of Medicine dismisses you, the years of hard work you've put in to achieve your status as a medical student may all have been for nothing.

Working with a top-tier medical student defense advisor or attorney is the best thing you can do to protect your future medical career.

Honor Codes and Professionalism at University of Kentucky College of Medicine

As the medical field itself demands a high level of empathy, professionalism, and integrity from each of its members, so too does the University of Kentucky feel the need to maintain a high standard of conduct. This high standard applies to each member of the College of Medicine community. In order to make it perfectly clear what expectations the College has of its students, the College put together a set of behavioral standards. These standards include the following expectations:

  1. Each student must exercise good judgment and work to develop the skills necessary for their future as a medical professional.
  2. Each student must be self-motivated and must behave with integrity and respect.
  3. Students must accept critical suggestions from professors and respond by modifying their behavior if necessary.
  4. Students must learn to adapt to challenging circumstances and work in the face of uncertainty.
  5. Students must perform all responsibilities well that relate to the care and diagnosis of patients.
  6. All medical students must develop professional, appropriate relationships with all patients, colleagues, and other healthcare professionals.

If any medical student at the College of Medicine exhibits disrespectful or inappropriate behavior or otherwise violates the behavioral standards, that student has committed an infraction against the Professional Code. Examples of disrespectful behavior that the College of Medicine finds punishable may include cursing at patients, willful neglect of patients, rude behavior, or sexual harassment.

University of Kentucky College of Medicine Remediation and Dismissal

If the University of Kentucky believes that a medical student has broken the Professional Code, the school's disciplinary process will take place. As outlined in the school's Professional Code Committee's policies and procedures, the student in question will receive an invitation to a hearing.

At this hearing, advisory members of the Professional Code Committee will review the complaints against the student and decide upon a course of remediation or disciplinary action. The University of Kentucky realizes that medical school is full of pressure and stressors, and therefore has outlined an option for a student to complete a remediation program in certain cases. However, these remediation programs are not perfect, and sometimes result in even more stressors for the student.

If you face disciplinary processes at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, you are going to need assistance. Whether the University prescribes remediation procedures (e.g., retaking a course or an entire year of study), harsh discipline, or even dismissal, you can expect that the repercussions may affect your entire future. You need to take steps now to protect your medical career.

Appeals at University of Kentucky College of Medicine

If a medical student feels that the recommendations for remediation or discipline that the University has issued are disproportionate or unfair, they do have the ability to appeal. However, the University of Kentucky recommends that a student only attempt to appeal if new information has come to light, or the student has a basis for believing that they experienced unfair treatment.

An experienced attorney will have the skills and foresight necessary to know when you have the grounds for an appeal. They will also be able to help you avoid mistakes, make effective statements, and work towards a successful outcome in your medical school professionalism or misconduct defense case.

Attorney-Advisor Ready to Assist with University of Kentucky College of Medicine Student Defense

If you're a medical student facing disciplinary proceedings for professionalism concerns, it's easy to feel like the world is against you. You're likely aware, too, of the magnitude of your situation. You've spent years - most of your life - working hard to be precisely where you are.

Now, your entire future as a medical professional hangs in the balance. The University of Kentucky College of Medicine has high standards, and you may wonder what will happen if the school disciplinary board believes you no longer meet them. This is a fair concern. Medical schools need to uphold their reputation, and this means that these competitive schools may rush investigations and disregard their own processes to keep a professionalism case as quiet as possible.

It's vitally important that you don't let that kind of pressure affect the fairness of your case - or your entire future. Don't let the University of Kentucky College of Medicine recommend disproportionally harsh discipline or provide you with a hasty or sloppy hearing.

You have rights. Joseph D. Lento can help you ensure that the University of Kentucky College of Medicine doesn't steamroll them. The Lento Law Firm has years of experience protecting the futures of young medical professionals. Joseph D. Lento can do the same for you.

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