California University of Pennsylvania's Academic Misconduct Disciplinary Procedures

California University's Academic Integrity Policy

At California University of Pennsylvania, also known as Cal U, students are expected to embrace academic integrity in each and every one of their academic endeavors. In the school's code of conduct, academic integrity is defined as doing your own work in seeking intellectual truth. Therefore, actions like cheating, academic impersonation, plagiarism, improper research practices, or dishonesty in publication are not tolerated and otherwise prohibited by Cal U. The handbook emphasizes that each proved violation of the school's policy will not be ignored and will become part of the student's permanent academic record at the University.

Intentional vs. Unintentional Academic Misconduct

It's important for accused students to remember that their intentions will not be considered in these cases. This means that you could have made a genuine mistake by accidentally plagiarizing, or turning in an unfinished version of your work, but the disheartening fact of the matter is that the school doesn't care. Instructors are required to assess the academic work that was submitted, not the work that was intended to be submitted. The main determining factor in these cases is whether or not a violation of school policy occurred, the existence of an error is irrelevant.

With this in mind, it is important that you consider retaining a student defense attorney. Many students in this predicament rely on their institution to sympathize with them and let things slide in the event of a mistake, but this rarely occurs. Once you've been suspected of a charge as serious as academic misconduct, you are now in an adversarial relationship with your school. Violations are taken seriously, and you will have to fight hard to defend yourself in order to prevail in your school'