When is misconduct considered serious enough to warrant a suspension?

The kind of misconduct that will warrant a suspension can vary. It will also depend on the particular college or university involved. Some kinds of misconduct, it's say, expected that a suspension would be imposed. For example, with a Title IX sexual misconduct charge if a student is found responsible. If there's any kind of penetration of any kind, it will result in a suspension at a minimum. Even say, inappropriate touching, which would be, by consideration, sexual assault, that can also result in a suspension.

Academic misconduct charges, for example, if it's a student's, say second offense, some schools have automatic mandatory minimum sanctions which could include suspension, even if it's a student's first offense, if it's of a more egregious nature, more serious nature, a school can impose a suspension. That would also be the case with general disciplinary issues. A hazing charge or final responsibility would also generally result in a suspension. It is on a case by case basis. There can be mitigating or aggravating factors. A suspension is serious, an experienced attorney advisor can help potentially avoid finding responsibility and the consequence sanctions.