What should I do if I am facing disciplinary action at a medical school in New York?

If you're a medical student in New York facing disciplinary action of any kind, it's critical to take the necessary precautions. Take a step back, let your family know what's going on. Do not speak to the school or others without taking the necessary precautions. Too much is at stake. Whatever the disciplinary action may entail, if it involves not meeting academic progress, facing remediation, facing dismissal from medical school, academic integrity issues, Title IX sexual misconduct charges, too much is at stake for a medical student if the case is not successfully resolved.

A medical student can face lesser residency and employment opportunities, career-reduced earning potential. It's critical to understand how your medical school will resolve the case. That will be determined by the nature of the case itself, the specific issue, that is, so understand that process is key. It's also important to understand that the medical school, they're often in a rush to judgment. They're not mindful of the student's rights and interests, and at times they may not play by their own rules. An accused student's interests can be best protected by having an experienced attorney-advisor in his or her corner from as early as possible in the process. An attorney-advisor can protect a student's rights and interests and can potentially help allow for a more favorable outcome.