What does sexual misconduct have to do with university code of conduct?

Accused students and parents may ask themselves, "Why is the school pursuing a sexual misconduct case against me or against my loved one?" The reason is because when a student becomes a student at given college or university, the understanding is that the student is expected to abide by the school's expectations. Such expectations would be promulgated in many instances through the school's code of conduct. The code of conduct may or may not be separate than the school's sexual misconduct policy. Sometimes, the sexual misconduct policy would be directly part of the code of conduct.

Either way, the school has a certain expectation of its students, regarding both on-campus and off-campus behavior. A student obviously doesn't have to go to a particular school. If that's the case, it's something that needs to be borne in mind before that decision is made. Once a student is at the school is under the school's jurisdiction, the school, as per its policies, would pursue such a case if allegations are made against the person. You can't depend on the school to be looking out for an accused party's interests.

An accused party needs to take the necessary precautions and needs to have an experienced attorney advisor in his or her corner from the start of the process, to make sure that the school is appropriate in its actions and to make sure that the best steps are being taken to address such concerns.