American University of Integrated Sciences School of Medicine

Founded in 1999, Barbados' American University of Integrated Sciences (AUIS) allows students to obtain a Doctor of Medicine or Bachelor of Medical Sciences (BMSc) on an English-speaking island with modern technological infrastructure. For many hopeful doctors, AUIS’ programs provide the necessary pathway to residency in Western universities.

The university's stated goals include instilling the principles and practices of integrative medicine in every graduate. Those graduates, university leadership hopes, will become “real-world health professionals” who embody social accountability.

AUIS graduates are eligible for university placement in the U.S. and Canada. Before obtaining residency, medical students must complete an academic program that AUIS describes as “intense.” The rigors of medical school may expose students to lapses in judgment, honest errors, and subpar academic performance. One of these medical school issues could delay your graduation, tarnish your personal and academic records, or even put your medical aspirations at risk.

An attorney-advisor who is familiar with Caribbean medical schools will act quickly to resolve your medical school issue. Do not attempt a solo defense, as a negative case outcome could have a great cost.

Code of Conduct

Medical students declare their intent to practice medicine—as such, they face strict behavioral guidelines from the moment that they become AUIS students.

University literature explicitly forbids certain conduct by AUIS students, including:

  • Plagiarism and other forms of academic misconduct
  • Giving false testimony before a university official or body
  • Any conduct that endangers others (including patients)
  • Unprofessional conduct

AUIS forms a Disciplinary Committee when cases of alleged misconduct arise. The Dean of Academics will choose three faculty members for this Committee.

The Disciplinary Committee will investigate alleged misconduct, speaking with you and any purported witnesses to wrongdoing. The Dean of Academics will make a final ruling on your case (pending appeal), with sanctions ranging from a formal reprimand to expulsion from AUIS.


Remediation is a failsafe for medical students who do not meet AUIS' academic criteria for promotion. Medical schools generally allow you to retake exams and courses in which you have not shown competency.

AUIS may allow you to retake coursework, competency exams, and clerkship work until you exhaust your allowance of repeat attempts. Remediation may be your clearest opportunity to overcome poor marks and continue forward towards graduation.

There are, however, downsides to remediation. Retaking a course generally incurs additional expenses and delays your graduation date. You may also carry the record of remediation with you as you apply for residencies, and residency programs may view retaking any coursework unfavorably.

Before you accept a recommendation or order of remediation, speak with an attorney-advisor. Your advisor will alert you to any alternatives—like filing a grievance—that may better serve your interests


American University of Integrative Sciences has a responsibility to graduate only those it sees fit to practice medicine. This lofty standard may lead the university to dismiss students for infractions that non-medical students would not face serious sanctions for.

Depending on the specific nature of your circumstances, AUIS may dismiss you if:

  • You're accused of academic dishonesty and fail to effectively defend yourself
  • You're accused of unprofessional behavior towards faculty, fellow students, patients, or support staff
  • Your actions endanger others
  • You fail to show requisite academic progress
  • You commit any other act (or fail to meet certain criteria) that AUIS considers grounds for expulsion

Know this: You always have a right to defend yourself, especially when you are facing dismissal from AUIS. One criticism of Caribbean medical schools, though, is that there are inconsistent standards when it comes to student discipline. There is a dearth of publicly available information about AUIS' adjudication and appeals process, which may cause even more anxiety than normal.

An attorney-advisor will quickly gather the facts of how AUIS will handle your case. Your advisor will prepare a defense, prepare you, and accompany you to case-related meetings as permitted.

Dismissal from AUIS may have a catastrophic effect on your life. Expulsion may:

  • Diminish your self-worth
  • Prevent you from entering another medical program
  • End your goals of becoming a medical professional
  • Leave you burdened with debt and without a medical professional's salary with which to pay off the debt

At this point, dismissal is merely a possibility. With an effective defense, you may prevent a potential dismissal from becoming a reality.


The appeals process varies from one medical school to the next. An appeal may be necessary if:

  • You receive a grade that you do not deserve
  • You receive disciplinary sanctions that you believe are unjust
  • You receive an order of remediation
  • You experience another negative outcome which you are permitted to appeal

Medical students typically have a brief window—generally only a few days—to file an appeal. If you fail to submit your appeal to the proper authorities in a prompt manner, then you may forfeit your right to appeal.

A successful appeal could place you back on the course to graduation with satisfactory marks and a clean academic or behavioral record

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As you embarked on your medical journey to the island of Barbados, you likely had nothing but the highest of hopes in mind. Medical school's unrelenting pressures, though, can quickly crack the facade of a breezy four-year jaunt in the Caribbean.

A medical school issue at the American University of Integrative Sciences requires your utmost attention. A seasoned attorney-advisor will provide the help that you need.

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  • Hire any experts who can help with your defense
  • Manage all university-led proceedings for you
  • Accompany you to case-related meetings
  • Put on a thorough defense in your name

No medical student issue is too small for Attorney Joseph D. Lento. The Lento Law Firm team understands the challenges presented by Caribbean medical schools and they know what is at stake for their clients who are facing such issues. The Lento Law Firm will work tirelessly towards a fair process and the best possible outcome and they will always have your back. Call us today at 888-535-3686 or contact us online.

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