Susquehanna University

Susquehanna University governs its student body through the use of its Code of Student Conduct. The Code itself is located in the University's student handbook. Students who are suspected of committing acts that violate the code will face the University's Student Conduct System. If a student is held responsible for a violation, they will be subject to having sanctions imposed on them by the University.

The Student Conduct System process begins when a case referred to the Dean of Students & Campus Life. The case will be reviewed for merit, and if necessary, the case will be pursued.

Susquehanna University Student Conduct System

The Student Conduct System offers several methods used to resolve offenses. When participating in the Student Conduct System the person who initiated the charges will be known as the "complainant," while the student facing charges will be known as the "respondent."

Informal Resolution or Conduct Conference

Informal Resolution or a Conduct Conference will be used for offenses with penalties less severe than expulsion or suspension. The respondent will meet with a Conduct Officer to discuss allegations. The respondent can prepare a case and witnesses to present, and the Conduct Officer will attempt to reach an agreement with the respondent. If the respondent does not agree, a formal hearing can be requested.

University Conduct Board Hearings

There are two University Conduct Boards that can preside over a hearing. The first cons